Riding with English Language

Children and Young Riders

Riding with English Language Studies

At Oakwood Stables we welcome you to our AIRE approved riding centre. During these long summer days we will work on improving your flatwork, showjumping and cross-country in a fun and friendly atmosphere, combined with 10 hours of English language tuition per week. 

English Class
On the first morning our English teacher will grade students and assign their workbooks and timetables. Let us know if you are studying for Cambridge exams?

The itinerary will allow an English class each morning beginning at 9am or 11am depending on the age and standard of the student to be decided by our English teacher. 
English and riding rotations will be timetabled to best suit students and maximise their learning and enjoyment. Students can expect 10 hours of formal English classes per week.

In addition to this all students will be encouraged to participate in our daily stable management classes where they will expand their vocabulary and comprehension through lively conversation in English while learning to take care of their equine partners.

Our students will further benefit from living and learning in English fully immersed in family and country life, a wonderful opportunity to make new friends while combining their beloved equestrian sport and passion with a positive learning experience.

Daily Riding Class
Students participating in the Riding with English Language course will rotate english / riding classes between morning and afternoon. Timetables will be confirmed after assessment so that students are grouped appropriately by age and standard. riding classes will be approximately 3 hours daily including grooming, tacking, and equine aftercare. The daily riding program will include instruction on the flat, an introduction to Showjumping and cross country, all depending on riders experience and confidence. For the younger or less experienced riders we will have an introduction to all disciplines over the week. We will also teach students all aspects of horse care and knowledge through supervised practical stable management.

Please choose from the following courses according to your riding experience.

Course A
Best suited to advanced riders who are already confident and competently jumping 80cms/90cms in showjumping and cross country.

Course B
For the intermediate level riders who have good balance and are happy to jump 60cm/70cms.

Course C
This is for advanced beginner and novice level riders who are just learning to jump small obstacles.


Monday to Friday timetable

  • 08.00 Breakfast
  • 09.00 -11.00 English language according to students level (group 1)
  • 11.30 - 13.00 Morning riding class (group 1)
  • 09.00 - 10.30 Morning riding class (group 2)
  • 11.00 -13.00 English language according to students level (group 2)
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.00 Stable management, riders will be taught how to prepare their own pony, check and clean equipment, develop a sense of responsibility and respect for their own safety, and for the comfort and well being of their equine companion
  • 14.30 Afternoon riding classes
  • 16.00 Return to stable, groom, hay and water, clean tack and put away all equipment
  • 17.30 Rest and recuperation, a chance to shower and change before evening meal
  • 18.00 Home cooked meal to be enjoyed all together in the kitchen

Evenings & Weekends
A choice of things to do in the evenings, depending on the weather, sports, games, barbecues, music, song and dance always plenty to do. On Friday’s we will have some fun competitions and prize giving. Avail of a full day tour to one of many scenic locations, enjoy a local shopping trip or perhaps visit a local horse/pony show.


Situated in the very garden of Ireland, we welcome students to stay in our farmhouse. If you love all things equine, good food, atmosphere and the great outdoors I am sure you will have a fantastic time. Twin bedrooms with en-suite or adjoining bathrooms, meals will be enjoyed in our country kitchen, and relaxation in the family room. 

Arrive Sunday

On arrival at Oakwood Stables you will be welcomed by a staff member and helped to settle in.
Depending on time of arrival you may slot into the daily timetable, have some lunch or an evening meal and have a chat with Amanda and family to plan for the coming week.

Price €1,295 per week (Sunday to Sunday)
Airport transfers are additional, see booking form for details.

Itineraries are subject to small changes in the best interest of our students.

Our Programs

Learn To Ride
Riding lessons in a fun and safe environment

Our learn to ride programmes are suitable for individuals of all ages that are interested in learning how to ride.

Learn with Weekly Riding Lessons
Children and Junior Riders

Lessons can be booked privately or as part of a group. Group lessons are maximum of 4 to ensure individual attention.

Summer Riding Week
Children and Young Riders

At Oakwood Stables we welcome you to our AIRE approved riding centre. During your stay we will work on improving your skills, general pony care and stable management. Our riding centre is located south of Dublin in what is described as the 'Garden of Ireland'.

Summer Special Stages
Intermediate & Advanced Riders

This course is for the more advanced rider with a view to enhancing competition performance.